Rare image during the construction of the first solar power plant in the world in 1911

Solar power generating station located at street 101 district of “Maadi”, and disappeared into the paths of history, now covers buildings, sand, trees, plant, and become forgotten.

Beginning when the American engineer specializing in the field of energy called “Frank Shuman”, the construction of the solar power plant in Cairo in the autumn of 1911, where the first unit of an industrial-size solar power worldwide in Maadi, and contained five universities solar, each with a length of 62 meters and 4 meters separating them is 7 meters, was designed to rate engines shipped from takoni ore produced at the site, and continued to operate for a period of less than a year.
Schumann travelled to Germany to view the draft solar engine first in the German Parliament, and talked about the world at the time, and in 1914 he returned to Philadelphia in Schumann, leave for a few months to celebrate its successes in Egypt and Germany, to introduce American community scenes for Egyptian solar power plant through the movie is displayed with the freedom Theatre betakoni.