About Us

Hisham Tawfik
Major Shareholder

Hisham was the minister of Public Enterprise between 2018-2022. He has over 30 years experience in Investment Banking. He served as Board member in Cairo stock Exchange for 7 years and is currently the chairman of Arabeya online for securities Brokerage which ranks 3rd on the Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX. Hisham has acquired a Photovoltaic Systems (PV) certification from Canada.

Samer Saad

Samer is currently the Chairman of Cairo Solar. As well as the General Manager of Trade Net, a private owned IT company established 1997. Trade Net offers IT solutions and consultancy services for small and medium companies.

Maher Hanna
Board memeber

Maher is currently the chairman and CEO of integrated office systems (IOS), a leading company in office automation systems and agent of OCE/Canon and Ricoh. Maher has extensive experience in business operations and after sales support, having dealt with hundreds of institutional clients and multinational organizations.

Hatem Tawfik
Managing Director

Hatem has an Honors B.A in Economics and an MBA from McMaster University, Canada. Hatem has previously worked as a senior corporate analyst at the Commercial International Bank, Egypt in both the petrochemicals and construction & building materials sectors.

Tamer Hanna
Board Member

Tamer is owner and board member at Cairo Solar. Tamer has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering form GUC and a double Master degree in Solar Energy from Kassel University, Germany and Cairo University, Egypt. His research and development work with Fraunhofer institute, the largest R&D institute in Germany, and his work with the GIZ renewable energy program in Egypt gave him a strong foundation in Solar Energy applications. Tamer currently works at RE Consultant, (EBRD-GEFF) at Stantec.