Why Now

Why Now?

It is simply the most successful and sustainable investment one can make

The cost of PV cells has gone down by 60% during 2008-2014 (Source: PV magazine.)

The cost of electricity generated from PV systems has reached parity with the cost of energy generated from traditional fossil sources (Source: Clean Technica magazine).

 Thanks to the tremendous level of solar radiation in Egypt which reaches 6.5 Peak Sun Hours maximum (PSH) / day, compared with 4.2 hours in Germany, a system mounted on a rooftop in Cairo generates 50% more electricity than in Munich or Frankfurt.

 Germany has 1.3 million solar power units with a maximum capacity of 36 thousand MegaWatts, or the equivalent of 11% of the produced energy mix in Germany. Egypt has just started.

The Egyptian Government has recently adopted a ministerial decree with a Feed in Tariff for renewable energy (FIT) which aims at encouraging private sector to generate clean, renewable energy and sell it to the national grid at a fixed price initially set at Egp 0.848 – Egp 0.973 / KWh for homes and commercial entities. These prices apply to the first contracts completed with the Distributions companies up to a total of 300 MegaWatts. After which it is expected that the new FIT prices will be lower.

 Power generated from the PV system is clean energy which helps protect the environment and reduce global warming.

 Solar energy is the most abundant and sustainable energy source in Egypt.

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