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Project 1 - Size: 100KWp - Type : On Grid

Location: Aswan Our ministry of petroleum aÕliated client had the foresight of installing a self-consumption system which reduces consumption rather than sell to the government. In 2015, they were saving 30% on their electricity bills, with a return on investment of 12%. As of 2016, since electricity prices for companies jumped by a staggering 40% to EGP 0.96 per Kilo Watt Hour (KWh), they are now making returns on investment of 18%. These numbers are expected to increase even further as the government quickly removes electricity subsidies during the next 8 years until it reaches world prices. By 2025 the returns could reach 25%.

Project 2 (5 Stations)-Size : 125KWp -Type: Off Grid

Location: 4 Sinai + 1 Cairo Ismailia Road Located all over Sinai and with locations with no access (or expensive to access) electricity, in addition to constant electricity cuts and high diesel prices, these gas stations now have a 4 hour backup system that seamlessly turn on as soon as electricity cuts. Now our client doesn’t have to worry about the loud diesel generators and high running and maintenance cost of diesel generators.

Project 3 (3 Stations) - Size : 67.5KWp

Location : Minya Governorate 3 Government building sites, in Mallawy, Matay, & Minya. 2 O× Grid Stations, 1 On Grid Station. Solar Plant : 30KW O× Grid + 22.5KWp O× Grid + 15KW On Grid. PV panels : Renesola Polycrystalline Vitrus II 260 Watt(Chinese manufacturer, #7 worldwide). Inverter : Renesola RFE 2* 8KW + SMA 15KW + RFE 30KW Batteries : 32 * 150Ah + 64 * 200Ah

Project 5 - Size : 21KWp - Type: Self Consumption

Location: 6th of October This University decided to reduce its electricity prices by installing this small system. Since they installed it in 2014, their Return on Investment this year has reached 20%

Project 7 (3 Billboards) - Size : 9KWp

Location: Cairo. 3 different billboards ontop of apartment complexes in Tahrir, Safeer Sq., and Ramsis St. Solar Plant : 3 Kwp, O× Grid , raised mounting racks. PV panels : Renesola Polycrystalline Vitrus II 260 Watt (Chinese manufacturer, # 7 worldwide). Inverter : Multipluss 3KW Victron Energy (Dutch manufacturer, #8 worldwide). Batteries : Renesola Lead Acid AGM 150AH * 12 batteries.

Project 4 (2 stations) - Size: 66KWp - Type: Self Consumption

Location: New Cairo + Heliopolis The North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, one of the pioneering company in applying FiT regulations wanted two solar stations for their facilities in New Cairo and Heliopolis. Instatallation took 2 weeks.

Project 6 - Size : 14KWp - Type: Feed in Tariff

Location: 6th of October. Constructed for a Mosque. Solar Plant : 14 KWp, On Grid FIT, triangle mounting racks. PV panels : Renesola Polycrystalline Vitrus II 260 Watt(Chinese manufacturer, #7 worldwide). Inverter : 2 * Renesola Repluss 8000TL3A.

Project 8 - Size: 10KWp - Type: Self Consumption

Location: Toukh A self consumption system at on of our client's Gas Terminal in Banha, Egypt.