7 Easy Steps

Before starting these steps, consider the pre-requisites for installation.

  1. Call us or leave a request for a quote. Then, a sales officer will call you to ask some questions regarding the site, and explain basic solar concepts including technical and financial details. Upon agreeing, in principal, on a solution, the sales officer will fix a date with you to meet our Engineer on the site.


  2. On the visit, our Engineer will re-explain our proposal and answer any queries you might have. More importantly, he will decide if the site has the pre-requisites for successful installation. Within 24 hours from the visit, the clients will receive a proposal which if accepted would be transformed to contract. The contract would specify the expected Date of installation which may take up to 10 weeks. Upon signing a contract the client is expected to pay a 10% deposit.


  3. If you chose an On Grid system, we will help you sign a contract with the local Electricity Distribution Company and get the special meter.


  4. Upon getting the meter, you will pay the second installment (40%) after which the procurement begins.


  5. When your Hardware arrives, you will be asked to pay the third instalment (40%) and fix a date for us to deliver the Hardware at the site. Also, our installer will need to meet with your electrician at this visit to explain some tasks that should be performed in the main distribution Panel prior to installation.


  6. Upon receiving your call confirming that the tasks are completed, our certified installer will pay you one more visit to make sure all works are done to the specification. You will be informed of the date of installation.


  7. Installation should take 2-3 full days ending with commissioning the system and training you on how to maintain and monitor the system via software on your laptop. Then, you will pay the fourth and final instalment (10%).

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